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confessions of a daydreamer..

i dare you to save me

live a charmed life.
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"i'm kind of a big deal." ;)

heyyy. i'm anna (obviously). i'm currently 16 years old, but this changes every march. i go to school at memorial, and have a job at dazzle. both of which i love very much. i can be the sweetest, most considerate girl you'll ever meet, or i can be the bitch always fucking up your day. it's up to you to decide which one you want to deal with.

i am completely obsessed with wishes. i wish on railroads, clocks, eyelashes, and stars; and expect every single wish to come true. so far, life's been pretty good to me.

i love playful banters, and arguments based on intelligence. if you can challenge me and keep me on my toes while also captivating my attention, chances are i'll love you.

i tend to let my heart get in the way of reason, and it's often difficult for me to listen to logic when my emotions play such a large part in the situation.

despite how much i love perfection, i am far from it. i suck at getting up early, and am not, nor have i ever been, a morning person. maps confuse me, and giving directions has never been my forte. im a messy kid. my room is a mess, and organization drives me nuts. i'm terrible with receiving compliments, and tend to either ignore them, or scowl every time i get one. i am a klutz. i trip over shoes, run into doors, fall up the stairs, fall DOWN the stairs, and always have at least 3 bruises on me. the case seems to be that it's easy to get my attention, but quite a task to keep it. i'm always late, and horribly indecisive. i rarely know what i want. when i do, however, there's no stopping me. i want what i want, and i get what i want when i want it. :)

i have a weakness for dark haired boys with straight, white teeth and accents. i like boys who are spontaneous, articulate, and witty. surprises and laughter get me every single time. i love it when boys are hygenic and always smell of cologne. i like the softer side of men. i don't think it's cute when overly testosterone-ated guys feel that the only way to prove themselves is to grunt & ram themselves into random hard surfaces (or eachother); though this is often amusing. i am pretty much smitten with boys who know their art. someone who works magic behind the camera or makes beautiful things when gifted with a paint brush wins my respect instantly. it's also really important to be able to keep up with me. if i have to spell everything out for you in laymen terms, i'll most likely be annoyed and disinterested. i like competition, and arcade racing games always get me fired up. i like thunder storms, and kissing in the rain has, and always will be, a favorite.

i'm not phased by much, and i tend to be amazed at the littlest things. i live for cheap thrills & have a hard time thinking about the future, much less planning it. there's something so thrilling about doing someting completely spontaneous and new, that i find myself seeking activities that are quite out of the ordinary. rolling down hills, anybody? life's too short to live by the rules.